27-Mar-2011 13:14

Are Keywords valuable tools?

If you do just a little research on helping your company to optimise social media activity, blogging, creating online transactions & driving web traffic to your company FaceBook page or websites, perhaps the most valuable factor remains your 'Keywords'.

By and large we associate keywords with online ad campaigns.
A helpful tool to assist with your choice of appropriate ‘keywords’ is Google Adwords which used in conjunction with Google ‘traffic estimator’ enables you to review how much traffic your prospective keywords are likely to attain...

Extremely useful services but when using the internet for business, it may be important to remember that ‘keywords’ are central on just about all our online activities.

So you ask, where are ‘keywords’ useful & essential?

Keywords can be strategically placed in the following:

• Profile pages - Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Ecademy, YouTube….
• Twitter usernames
• Websites
• Blogs
• Signatures
• URLs
• Landing pages
• & not forgetting of course - online adverts

The greatest asset is to ensure your website is user-friendly, easy to navigate and provides the products and services people seek..

However, using the pertinent, relateable and relevant keywords in a way that makes sense, will at least give you a far better opportunity of actually being found in cyber world and raise your Google rankings.

Best of luck out there...

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Contributed by SimplyFone Blogger on 27-Mar-2011 19:13
@Keyword - hooker

Obviously a 'Rugby' blog - no? :)
Contributed by John Murray on 27-Mar-2011 19:11

You have given me in one blog more useful information than I have received in the last 10 - (sorry previous 10).

I keyword my SEO of course and am on page 1 of google - but must say did not think about keywording my general blogs! A bit sneeky but...............I like it!

A number of years ago in the Army, we used to have to write an unbelievable number of reports for submission up the chain of command - and we used to put the 'word of the day' on the wipe board to try and get those into the reports and get them passed - and mean absolutely nothing to anyone apart from a belly laugh to us.

It now reminds me of a Blackstar Pub Night I went to two months ago and the cheeky little devils there agreed to put a keyword into our profiles. One that I know of did so. They keyword was - Hooker - yes - hooker as a keyword in a profile - to see who looks and who takes notice.

Can you find out who that cheeky little devil is - and lets celebrate the fact we have guys on here with a cracking sense of humour - makes the world go around as far as I am concerned!

Keyword - hooker.

I wonder if that will get me onto page 1 google as well - if so I can feel an edit coming on!

John A Murray
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