17-Oct-2011 18:36

Can BlackBerry’s Reputation Recover?

The recent BlackBerry outage that left millions of its users unable to access BBM and push email lasted just over three days.

Reports are already surfacing that many of their customers and prospective clients may consider switching to an alternative smartphone manufacturer.

An early survey conducted by PriceRunner (we are unsure how many people were surveyed and any demographics – SimplyFone Blogger) allegedly showed that because of the recent fault with RIM’s online services including BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and push emails over 60% of current BlackBerry users were seriously considering switching brands.

2% said they would go for the iPhone but 49% of BlackBerry users said Apple was still far too expensive.

There are alternatives including new Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy S II, HTC Sensation XE or the brand new Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S.

The Managing Director at PriceRunner, Alison Guise apparently added, “There’s no doubt that recent issues with Blackberry servers have deterred potential buyers, we’re now seeing a whole range of innovative and advanced phones in the market.”

Simply proof - if proof is needed - that in this fast-moving world of technology and mobile communications, it can take years, fortunes spent on marketing and much sweat to build a brand and establish sturdy business, but just a wobble to bring the edifice tumbling down.

Be careful out there folks…

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Contributed by Andrew Field on 18-Oct-2011 12:22

What's a BlackBerry?
Contributed by John Murray on 18-Oct-2011 11:18
Most Blackberry users are under contract and if they don't have another such incident - they will probably be forgiven and they are superb phones for business.

On the radio today it was reported that Blackberry is going to give every user a free App worth £65.

That should sweeten the pill?

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Contributed by Ty "Mac-Head" Tyson on 17-Oct-2011 19:56

Apple are not in the slightest bit concerned about market share, they are only interested in profit share.
In this respect over 55% of the entire handset industry profit goes straight to Apple.

The majority of Android market share is gained via cheap/free low-end handsets and not the flagship handsets Fandroids are so happy to talk about. Cheap stuff sells. Whoopy-do.

So-called tech-journalists get all excited and their little hearts beat faster when they see the increasing Android market share. They don't like it when you point out little details like how much MONEY Google and/or the handset manufacturers are making from the industry compared to Apple. :)

And no.
RIM will be sold within a year.
Contributed by Nic Oliver on 17-Oct-2011 19:17
Gartner's latest figures must be worrying for Apple and RIM.

This time last year, Android and Apple had an equal share of the mobile market, at 18%.
Now, Android is over 40% while Apple is down 1%.

Of course, it's not a level playing field as the Apple OS is only on one company's machines while Android is on many. But it's food for thought!

Have a great week


Connect - Engage - Share
Contributed by Charles Conway on 17-Oct-2011 19:00
Any service will inevitably have downtime. It's a fact of life that if something can go wrong, it will, and the bigger the service, the greater the effect when it does go down. We shouldn't judge a product or service by our expectation of it never going wrong, rather by the reaction of the Company when it does. Promising a few free apps as compensation doesn't cut it. Blackberry should be refunding/crediting charges for the affected services for the entire month, explaining what went wrong and what they're doing about it. That way, they demonstrate their loyalty to their customer base and their commitment to service. By all means offer free apps too, but don't make that the be-all and end-all of your compensation package.
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