24-Nov-2011 11:58

Are You an Old Fuddy-Duddy, a Luddite or Worse...?

Are you an old business Fuddy-Duddy, an angry Luddite or are you up there with the best using new technologies to help promote your product, service or business?

Do you use QR coding on your websites or business cards or promotional literature..?

Any method used to freshen up your websites and keep them high on Google rankings, easily accessible and in the public consciousness has to be an important part of your company marketing & planning.

Many now (try to) write succinct blogs or update their web Homepage with fresh ideas and information.

Others promote their products and services via Social Media sites like FaceBook, Google+ or the myriad of networking ‘sites available – normally at no or little cost…

Others create interest & raise public awareness by offering their products with massively discounted deals on Groupon and similar.

QR codes (an abbreviated form of Quick Response Coding) may be the next step.

So what is QR?
For the uninitiated, QR code (an abbreviated form of Quick Response Coding) is a sort of matrix bar-coding which allows quite large amounts of data to be easily stored and then read/scanned rather quickly on a mobile-phone.

In effect, most businesses or retail outlets could benefit by applying QR codes.

One of the best & most innovative examples of QR code usage I recently noticed was on an Estate Agent’s 'For Sale' sign.
User-friendly, quirky and almost instant information for the discerning buyer at their fingertips… Brilliant!

Of course, as we don't need reminding, technology advances at lightening speeds - today’s most innovative development, becomes tomorrow’s commonplace and somewhat stale product…

There is already a brand new application on the block called ‘Blippar™’ which is a free application for smart-phones; it is promoted as, “your FREE magic 'lens' enhancing the world around you with virtual, instant information and entertainment.”

So, what are your thoughts, how will you utilise these fresh new ideas and where have you noticed QR Codes or Blippar™ in their most astute application?

Ideas on a postcard please…


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Contributed by Norman Feiner on 24-Nov-2011 19:26
Agree David Long with your ‘Estate Agency augmented reality tags’ point.

I mentioned this in my blog (One of the best & most innovative examples of QR code usage I recently noticed was on an Estate Agent’s 'For Sale' sign.
User-friendly, quirky and almost instant information for the discerning buyer at their fingertips…) and I have actually seen this in action.

Remarkable and, in truth, actually quite frightening. Picture quality was great; sizes were a little distorted but overall an amazing time-saving app.

Great for those lazy people who hate the house-hunting experience and prefer to scout out the market before trudging down paths for viewings…

Contributed by David Long on 24-Nov-2011 19:16
QR codes can do a lot for a business, especially now that smartphones are ubiquitous. You can create a QR code for free on the web, but you need to make sure you put some tracking tools in place, otherwise you are simply wasting your marketing effort.
To really push the boundaries, QR codes will soon be replaced by augmented reality tags - fancy the idea of pointing your iPhone or Android phone at a house with a for sale sign and instantly getting a virtual tour of the inside? Sounds scary but easily doable using web based tools right now!
Contributed by Norman Feiner on 24-Nov-2011 18:42
I tend to agree Doug J.

Contributed by Doug Jenner on 24-Nov-2011 18:37
Luddite or Fuddite? Most of us are somewhere between, Norman. Me? I'll leap onto any new thing if I can see the sense in it.
Contributed by steven on 24-Nov-2011 18:15
Tagging and Zapping said tags will be a growth area in 2012 , so a very prescient blog Normam
Contributed by Linda Mattacks on 24-Nov-2011 14:00
I read in Lilach Bullach's "5 Crazy Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website" - a little freebie ebook - that these QR codes which, once generated are 'fixed' - could be superseded by the Microsoft Tag.

If I understand it correctly this allows you to manage your tags and apply specific ones to different campaigns...

I'm trying hard to be unLuddite but developments related to the Internet sometimes seem to move at the speed of light...
Contributed by SimplyFone Blogger on 24-Nov-2011 12:10
Ahaa... best of both worlds Alan :)
Contributed by je on 24-Nov-2011 12:10

I use these technologies to promote my Luddite behaviour.
Contributed by Alan Bowman on 24-Nov-2011 12:09
Hi Norman

Good info for the uninitiated re QR and as a non fuddy duddy or non GOM thanks for this.


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