Ronald Goulden - Manchester
"I am delighted to say something nice about CheapestChat because it's well deserved.
I found CheapestChat remarkable. Really low call rates, simple user friendly technology, no surprises, and above all, crystal clear connections.
I rang friends around the world with my first £1 subscription, and still had a little credit left. Thanks."

Demos Flouri - Owner, Find Me Marketing
"Really great company, know how to treat their team, those who work for SimplyFone are very lucky.
They have been so helpful to me in setting up a new phone number for my business.
I have also had the pleasure of meeting their Managing Director Norman, really genuine guy..

Keep up the good work!"

Keit Whitney - Director, Virtual World Direct
"We used SimplyTravelSim for phone calls and great prices when abroad in 2009 and we have since used you more than once.

"SimplyFone work hard to please in business from concept to completion."

Top qualities: Expert,
Good Value,
On Time "

Cornelis de Maijer - CEO, Flaka Cruising BV
"SimplyFone is dedicated to get things done and there is no difference whether you are a direct client or network connection.
With SimplyFone, service is an attitude - not a department, and that’s the big difference!

I highly recommend them!"

Ben Margulies - Director, Bexpress Ltd
"I have known Simply-Fone for a long time but have only just started using their services.

Their knowledge of the trade has helped me lower my business phone bills & their speedy responses to all emails and queries are very encouraging.

I would gladly recommend Norman F. and Simply Fone to my colleagues and will definitely be coming back to use Norman’s services in the future.
April 22, 2010"

Joe K. - Director, All4MyLtd
"Since 2004 SimplyFone provide low cost pricing on all our national, mobile and international calls.

Any problems are handled promptly and efficiently by their capable staff."

Sarah Arrow - Director, Arrow Light Haulage
"Norman has a sharp eye on the purse strings and has used his skill to save us heaps of money on telephone bills.

Norman has eased the panic over phone bills and given us an excellent service.

I'm thrilled to endorse both Norman and SimplyFone"

Mark Eckstein - Ocean Park Finance Insurance Brokers
"Norman Feiner, the Managing Director of SimplyFone, is by far the best telephone consultant and company we have ever come across.

He has managed to reduce our bills by 75% and the service we receive is unbelievable.

In fact I also now use his company for my mobile & home phone calls and line rentals too.

I think that says it all... Keep it going Norman!"

www.guardian.co.uk - 21st August 2010
"Stay in touch

If you're staying for a long time in one country, buy a local sim card and put it in your existing phone (get it "unlocked" before you go away). If you're travelling in several countries, a global sim card is better. According to moneysupermarket.com ……………………
The runner-up is the Simply Travel sim (www.simply-fone.com), which costs from £29.99, with £15 starter credit, 100 minutes of free incoming calls, and the cost of 100 outgoing calls is £15"

Antony Bashford - Executive English
"First class customer service and outstanding technical support whilst overseas !!!!

Martin Heiman - Director at Fone World
"Norman is efficient and great to work with.

I have had the satisfaction of knowing my clients are in the right hands with Norman's services.

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert"

Sharon Eden
"The best telecommunications service in town! "

Georgina Lester
"“Telephone expert who's fantastic at helping you get the best deals.

Best thing of all is he is a great friend with fantastic sense of humour.”

— Georgina Lester on Jul 25, 2011"

John Wade, Partner, Wade Robinson LLP
"Great service; good pricing.
Asked several questions yesterday - all answered within minutes.
Placed an order late last night; got the number this afternoon.

Gerald Harper

Thank you. New system is working well & your installation chaps were efficient, clean, quiet and very discreet.

Would recommend you to anyone (and indeed have already done so)

Thank you - G.H.

October 22, 2012"

"We have used & continue to work with several sms hosting platforms, but SimplyFone are our favoured provider.

Accurate billing, helpful staff and immediate results.

Cheers Norman.

Alf Gordon - Partner"

Jennifer A-P
"“…& thank you for coordinating and arranging for the telephone lines to be moved - it was the only part that went smoothly!!!”"

Sam Borret - Director, Jupiter Properties Pty Ltd
"As far as I'm concerned everyone should know how engaging, sympathetic & helpful Simply-Fone is. A leader in telecoms provision - combining quality of connection with competitive rates & succinct advice.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Simply-Fone"

Joe Klein - Director, AB Distributors Ltd
"Since we have come on board , we have been more than satisfied - indeed delighted - with the high calibre of service, quality of professionalism and not to mention, the unbeatable prices being provided that has saved our company a fortune, over the years.

I can only highly recommend SimplyFone to anyone who wants to save money and get real value for money"

James - J. W. Enterprises
"We are absolutely delighted in having chosen Simply-Fone to supply our telephone services. All transfers & installations went smoothly & without any issues at all. Your engineers & C.S. were helpful and efficient & of course your rates are really quite remarkable compared with our previous supplier"

Bhaja - London NW2
"CheapestChat - you're a star!!!! I've never known any company (& I have used quite a few) which has acted so fast & with such consideration! Great stuff!"

Shaun Gisbourne - Owner, phoneforbusiness
"SimplyFone was recommended, and rightly so. Life and work is complicated enough. SimplyFone delivers exactly as agreed at prices anyone can afford.

Keep up the great work!"

Tom Hayward - Kings Knoll Hotel, Oban
"..provided an excellent service, was courteous at all times, and over delivered on his promises.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Simply-Fone to any one thinking of using their services"

Darren Strom - Director, Treepodia UK
"Simply Fone have supplied VMAL Ltd with a fax2 email and 0845 number helping us run our business efficiently. The customer service is second to none! I have known SimplyFone for a number of years and they are dependable and approachable and will not rest till they save you loads of money off your phone bill!"

Y. Flax - MobileAfrica
"Great service - accurate billing and invoices always on time.

Highly recommended...."

Fonezone - Blackburn
"A pleasure to deal with over the years, always on the other end of the phone when you need things done."

Joe Berliner - Owner, Feet First Reflexology
"I have been using various SimplyFone products for two years. In that period I have found the company to be reliable, innovative and at the forefront of the telecommunication business. All SimplyFone products have proven very good value for money.

I have recommended SimplyFone to my friends, family and colleagues, and will continue to do so."

Andrea Rappoport - IFA; Business Network International
"Simply-Fone has quoted for clients and they were very impressed with their professionalism.

I would have no hesitation in recommending..."

Michele Levy - Hair1UK Ltd
"..Been using your services from our business landlines for as long as I can remember and it has been brilliant and never had any problems"

Z.S. - Area Manager, Cashew Group Ltd
"...We recently submitted our phone bills to you to see if you could save us money by offering the same quality of service at a lower price.
Your response was exceptionally quick & also most surprising. I also recommended a close friend and business colleague & you were also able to provide him with massive savings averaging 80%.

In summation, I am delighted to recommend your company SimplyFone"

Peter Wharton - Managing Director, Admanta
"...you deserve a big thank you and this testimonial is a well earned one. My mother and I both appreciate all your efforts very much. Though the Indonesian telephone system, its incompetence or idiosyncrasies, seems to have won the day this does not detract one iota from your noble and persistent efforts."

Thanks again and I rate you, "highly recommended"

Take care and all the best"

Jeremy Kosiner - Owner, Arigal Consulting
"Simply-Fone has provided telecoms services for my firm for 4 years and have consistently delivered results for us, resulting in cost savings.............would definitely recommend"

Peter Lurie - Director, Proactive Medical & Life Insurance Services
"On time all the time, with the best results in the Phone Service Business. Simply-Fone has given me excellent phone rates, with an 0800 number to help me spread my wings nationally...... really easy going and offers excellent packages which are there to suit you and your business, from the 1 man band to the global multi-corporate.

I have no hesitation is recommending Simply-Fone Limited for excellent results!"

Linda Sibley - Loudwater Trade & Finance Ltd
"An efficient service from the start - you are regularly updated until line rentals (WLR) & call routing (CPS) set up is completed.
A friendly Customer Service/Billing Team, your invoices are emailed and payments can be made over the telephone.
No long drawn out processes..."

Penny Power - Founder of Ecademy
"Norman Feiner, Managing Director of Simply-Fone is one of our members at Ecademy, a prolific networker who writes great blogs and is active in the online networking community. A friendly guy who contributes to others..."

Mr. Piyush Patel - Taxi Services
"By reviewing and analysing our previous spending patterns, Simply Fone offered favourable tariffs and services to us. Having now switched our fixed-line telecoms & WLR contracts over to them we have saved more time and money than we thought possible"

S. Solomon - Director, Exceed IT Ltd
"Outstanding customer service + unbeatable prices - If there was a telecoms award they would win it!!"

Steve Hall - Global Entrepreneur
"I am NOT a huge fan of recommendations - after 30 years in the telecom business I would be sad if I could not get a handful of customers/suppliers to say something good about me - BUT ....in SimplyFone's case my recommendation is 100% valid. In a world of amateurs Simply-Fone are the consummate professionals. If you use the telephone and are based in the UK then you ought to speak to them. It's that simple."

Francis H. - Darlington
"Thank you for your great & CHEAP service. I find it sooo convenient simply to dial an 0844 access number to call family abroad rather than have to buy a phone card and so much cheaper than BT. Thanks again. "

Simon F. - Director, Finer Packaging Ltd
"Their professionalism and knowledge in telecommunications is superb. SimplyFone have again come up with great products & rates that have really helped our business.

Thanks & keep up the good work."

Andy J. - Talent Spotters
"I've used the SimplyConference service on many occasions to speak to my agents and to say that I was enormously impressed is an understatement...

It's excellent & reliable"

Kate M. - Brighton
"Thank you so much for your incredibly swift response and fantastic customer service"

David Stevenson - Birmingham
"May I say what an excellent service you offer. I have been using your company Simply Fone (for discounted calls and line rentals - ISDN2s at our Birmingham Head Office) for about six months and I have always managed to be connected to my International telephone numbers - specifically in the Middle East & Asia & the line is always clear. I have tried using other companies in the past, but they have never been as good as yours."

G. Walsh - Translation Services
"Beware of those alternative telecom companies that neither provide 'service' nor 'honest rates'.
Simply-Fone hasn't disappointed us in over 5 years!"

"Norman Feiner - M. Director of SimplyFone is appreciative, open-minded, optimistic, kind and professional..."

Audrey Love - zenzuu
"Thanks again... helpful & a wealth of experience in telecommunications."

David Plimmer - Owner, www.davidplimmer.co.uk
"Hi Simply-Fone.. Thank you for your help in finding solutions to the best way of communicating with Australia. You were immediate and informative seemingly going that extra mile. Warmest regards - David"

A. Buckley - Salford, M7
"I would certainly recommend Simply Fone... We transferred our telephone rentals and calls over from BT to SimplyFone in 2006 & can honestly say that we have had no connection problems since... Well done chaps"

Nic Oliver - Owner, nic oliver.com
"...a straight-talking company, great at cutting through the BS and getting to the point of an issue."

Anna Rak, Sales Executive, Auracall Ltd
"Norman is an excellent businessman with deep knowledge of Telecoms Services.

He can easily think outside the box and judges new ideas.

Norman is always available for his clients & can easily understand customers' needs and tailor the solution for them.

I would be very happy to refer business contacts to Norman & SimplyFone as I know that both sides would benefits."

Dr Das Suman (Doctor-Da) - Founder CEO, AlterAd
"I know Mr. Norman Feiner for a long time now as a profound social networker... he is not only a wise, open, creative and supportive co-networker but a well-rounded 'gem' with futuristic professional expertise!

It's matter of great pride to recommend him & Simply-Fone without any reservation.

They belong to a better tomorrow."

www.travelagentcentral.com 20th August 2010
"Stay in touch

If you're staying for a long time in one country, buy a local sim card and put it in your existing phone (get it "unlocked" before you go away). If you're travelling in several countries, a global sim card is better. According to moneysupermarket.com ……………………
The runner-up is the Simply Travel sim (www.simply-fone.com), which costs from £29.99, with £15 starter credit, 100 minutes of free incoming calls, and the cost of 100 outgoing calls is £15.00"

George Newton - Software Engineer
"Dedicated, focussed, service oriented, very personable people.

Great company to work with."

Joe Malone
"Responses to “Ryanair throws cheap mobile roaming deal at passengers”

On February 15, 2011 -
Joe Malone says:

I travel quite a bit and use a company called SimplyTravel SIM. Their website is http://www.simplytravelsim.com and I have to say service (prob similar to Maxroam) is excellent; incoming and outgoig call rates are free or v.low and the aftersales care was terrific

Cheers – Joe M.


C. Landau, C&A Estates
"Thanks for the prompt response and excellent customer service.
If only the energy suppliers would have this level of customer care.

All the Best.


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